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30 minute session including a personalised report – £60

We will help you talk through what has brought you to therapy and discuss the best way to help you or your loved ones going forward.

No problem is too small.

What do people say about our therapists?

How a therapist can help you

Are you worried about how much you worry?

Are you fed-up of being fed-up?

Would you like to talk to one of our therapists within 24 hours?

Life can be difficult and present challenges. These challenges can often lead to stress, anxiety or distress. If you have started to worry about your mental health or want to make a change but don’t know where to start, our therapists are here for you.

We provide you with a consultation with a qualified psychological therapist within 24 hours.

No problem is too small.

What we can support you with

We can help you manage and treat a wide range of concerns, some of the most common are:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Money worries
  • Sleep difficulty
  • Low self-esteem
  • Relationship challenges
  • Family issues
  • Feeling lonely or isolated
  • Feeling down or depressed
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Poor sleep
  • Emotional eating
  • Anger management
  • Work stress
  • Bereavement

How we can help

Book a call with one of our therapists at a time and date that is convenient for you. A therapist will help you to understand why you feel like you do, give you time to explore your concerns, answer any questions you have, and if further therapy is required, will discuss with you what approach is right for you to enable you to feel better. If you choose to continue with therapy we can then arrange the support that you need with one of our mental health professionals. Your call will last approximately 30 minutes.

The right approach for you may be Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Guided Online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy or another form of psychological support. Whatever the approach our therapists will explain fully what it involves and guide you to the next steps.

After the session, we will send you a report that will cover the background and development of your area of concern, how severe we think the problem is and an outline of the approach that will get you the best results. As it can be difficult to get an assessment through the NHS, you could forward your report to your GP to enable them to understand what treatment you need. You can also use your report to aid discussions with your employer.

In addition, because we know that your physical health is linked to your mental health you will also receive a free one-month membership to one of our Health & Wellbeing Clubs when you start treatment with us.

Bookings for appointments via this site are only available to individuals aged 18 years or over, however, if you would like to set up a call for your child please telephone 03331 234106 so that we can arrange an appointment with one of our therapist who specialises in children.

How to book an appointment with a therapist

Simply select the date and time that is convenient for you from the calendar below and pay for your appointment. You will receive confirmation of your appointment and a therapist will call you at your chosen time.

Why choose Nuffield Health?

There are no long waiting lists and when you feel that you are ready you will be able to book an initial call with one of our therapists within 24 hours.

Our Senior Clinical Team have over 25 years' experience of supporting people’s mental health and all our network of over 1500 mental health specialists are qualified, accredited therapists.

We know that talking to someone about mental health can be a little daunting for most people, the team here at Nuffield Health know how to make this easier for you.

All discussions are 100% confidential and no information will be disclosed to any other body without your consent unless there are circumstances when we need to do so due to extreme risk. We do ask you to provide your GP details but we do not pass any information to your GP unless we believe that there is a severe risk to your safety.

During 2020 we delivered mental health support equivalent to 5.5 million minutes. We also achieve market-beating and meaningful results, with 8 out 10 of people we supported in 2020 seeing a significant change and improvement in their condition.

What our clients say…

“Doreen has been a fantastic therapist for me. She has always made me feel comfortable, completely safe and secure to be open and honest about my thoughts and feelings. During my sessions with Doreen, she would listen, support and help me to work through a mixture of different anxiety and depression challenges I had. Doreen allowed me to open up and talk about a lot of things I have kept inside, and to be able to share them with someone I completely trusted was amazing. The relief it also gave me was remarkable, and with Doreen’s support I am in the best place, mentally, I have ever been in my life.”