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The SKILLRUN is not your ordinary treadmill.
improves your performance with data-driven workouts
that track and monitor your running in real time.

What’s different about the SKILLRUN machine?

The SKILLRUN is not your ordinary treadmill; its unique technology answers the needs of all runners, from sprinters to marathoners and triathletes. 

The innovative MULTIDRIVE TECHNOLOGY™ enables users to perform running sessions and resistance workouts on the same piece of equipment, providing a well-rounded cardio and power training workout. Depending on the user's goals, they can increase their speed, stamina, agility and power using different settings and training options. 

Key benefits and features

Multi-drive technology
Perform running sessions and resistance workouts on the same piece of equipment.

Non-motorised training
Strengthen your resistive power and top-end speed with parachute training.

Smartphone guidance
Improve your neuromuscular coordination with agility drills and cadence training.

Performance monitoring and tracking
Raise your endurance efficiency with BIOFEEDBACK (patent pending).