Our staff at Chester

Adam Abdelkader

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Training and fitness has formed a huge part of Adam's life for the last 10 years. Adam has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the industry and is passionate about sharing his enthusiasm with others. Adam thrives on motivating and helping individuals to reach their goals. Whatever you are working towards, Adam will cater to your needs.

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What my Clients say:

‘I have been training with Adam for 5 months now. Initially, I was dependent on an electric wheelchair when out of the house, due to a severe heart condition and joint hypermobility disorder.  I've now lost 2 1/2 stone and gained muscle tone, fitness and endurance. I now train, shop and go about most of my day-to-day life without the wheelchair and the impact on my quality of life is dramatic. 

Marcos Afonso Dos Ramos

Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Advisor

How can I help you improve your health?

Marcos has been a professional 400m athlete for the past 10 years. He is passionate about sports and believes everyone can achieve everything they want if they believe in themselves. 

Qualified Fitness Instructor and Personal trainer, Marcos is specialised in strength training and cardio due to his career as an athlete. His goal is to keep you motivated using strategies to achieve your goals and most importantly, help you to keep consistent and focused even when you find yourself with low energy levels. 

He wants to help you transition to a healthier and balanced lifestyle but keeping it fun and enjoyable as possible. He believes that he can make you get out of your comfort zone and help you to be the best version of yourself.  

Marcos describes himself as friendly, positive and passionate, while his workouts are dynamic, fresh and unique.  

“I am dedicated, responsible and above all I like to exceed expectations. I try to make each interaction a unique moment and feel proud to contribute towards the wellbeing of others who wish to live a healthier and happier life!” 

A quote Marcos like to live by: 

“Without commitment, you never started, without consistency, you never finish.” - Denzel Washington 

James Bennion

Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Advisor

How can I help you improve your health?

Training and coaching others has been part of James’s life for the past 8 years. He has a large variety of knowledge in rowing, swimming, strength training and hypertrophy training.

James is passionate and enthusiastic about fitness and wants to share his knowledge with you. He will assess your strengths and weaknesses and tailor a programme to help you find a new routine that will help you to reach your goals.  

James will work with you keeping you motivated and ensuring you have fun along the way!

Kate Dover

Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Advisor

How can I help you improve your health?

Kate is very passionate and highly motivated regarding health and fitness.  After having two children, she decided to improve her own lifestyle, which lead to weight loss, improved strength and overall fitness. 

Having qualified as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer, she has the knowledge and enthusiasm to help you achieve your goals.  

Strength is the foundation of Kate’s training, but she also incorporates a balance of different types of cardiovascular exercise.  She is adept at helping people understand the many benefits of weight training and become more confident in the gym.

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Paige Hewitt

Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Advisor

How can I help you improve your health?

Paige has always had a tremendous passion for sports and exercise. She has a high interest in football and has been playing the game at County and Regional levels since she was 8 years old!  Alongside football, she played at County Level for Cheshire East Hockey.
After completing a challenging but rewarding degree in BSc (Hons) Sports and Exercise Therapy – Paige completed a variety of modules from Peripheral and Spinal Anatomy, Assess the Athlete and Evidence-Based Exercise Rehabilitation.
As a Sports and Exercise Therapist, Paige can provide the prevention, assessment, treatment and exercise rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries. She has gained experience alongside her degree in a variety of sports injury clinics and clubs based in Leeds, Manchester and Cheshire.
To continue her development Paige completed a Diploma in Personal Training in order to extend her skills and knowledge in exercise and fitness, enabling her to provide and deliver fun but challenging tailored programmes for each individual to meet their goals.

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Rich Kerr

Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Advisor

How can I help you improve your health?

With over 30 years of focused and disciplined training, Richard became a qualified Shaolin Kung Fu teacher. He also became a Great British Grand Champion in Freestyle Kickboxing at Black Belt level.

Once Richard retired from Kickboxing he joined the army giving him 12 years of experience in the Military and 2 tours of Afghanistan.

After leaving the British Army Richard became focussed on training others as a level 3 Personal Trainer and is now specialising as a level 4 Strength and Conditioning Personal Trainer.

Richards’s advice is whatever your goals, believe in yourself and never say never.

When our dreams become our goals, they can one day become our reality.

Justin Knox

Wellbeing Personal Trainer

How can I help you improve your health?

Justin has over 10 years experience of the fitness industry. His interest was sparked after achieving a personal weight loss of over 15 Stone. He then decided to make Personal Training his career and help others achieve their goals.

Having achieved his goal Justin can offer Physical, Nutritional and Lifestyle advice to  others. This advice will be personalised to each client with a very specific individualised programme.

His expertise is not just limited to weight loss he is an  experienced sports coach and can offer Sport Specific Training for a number of sports.

My qualifications

  • Level 3 Personal Training

Viv MacDonald

Personal Trainer and Wellbeing Advisor

How can I help you improve your health?

Viv had a complete career change in her early fifties but has always had a passion for fitness which has resulted in her becoming a Personal Trainer.

Further down the line, Viv developed arthritis and fibromyalgia, finding it difficult to maintain her fitness levels. So with all her knowledge and experience, Viv started creating alternative exercises to help manage her symptoms and maintain her fitness levels as well as help others with similar conditions.

Viv loves being a PT and she finds it rewarding when she sees her clients getting the results they want with her help & guidance. She describes her PT style as being able to understand each individual's needs & guiding them through their fitness journey in a progressive way with lots of support throughout.

About Personal Training

Whatever your fitness level or goals, personal training can help you to become fitter, healthier and reach your personal targets.

A personal focus on you

Sometimes we all need that extra encouragement, support, advice and motivation, whether you've just started out on your fitness journey or you’re aiming to run a marathon.

Building a great working relationship with Nuffield Health fitness staff can be a fun and very rewarding experience. They are there to educate and ensure you remain focused on your fitness goals.

Our dedicated and experienced personal trainers will help you:

  • Set realistic but challenging health goals
  • Track your progress
  • Improve flexibility with assisted stretching
  • Increase your energy levels

Nuffield Health offers a range of fitness experts in our gyms

Wellbeing Personal Trainers

Our Wellbeing Personal Trainers attend our clinically-led training course before they are accredited and are able to clearly assess your overall health and wellbeing. Wellbeing Personal Trainers are located in all our centres and are on hand to help you today, so please utilise their knowledge and skill. Contact your nearest centre to book your Health MOT and see how our Wellbeing Personal Trainers can help you reach your health goals.

Nuffield Health’s Wellbeing Personal Trainers:

  • Carry out our unique 12-point Health MOT, (within our Wellbeing Gyms)
  • Are able to advise on how to improve your health score
  • Are clinically accredited professionals and experts in health and wellbeing
  • Help you reach your individual health goals

Personal Trainers

Our personal trainers will use their expertise to design a fitness and lifestyle programme to suit your goals, helping you become fitter at a healthy rate. All our personal trainers are highly qualified, which ensures that their personal training is effective and right for you. Take a free personal training taster session to see how our personal trainers can help you reach your fitness goals faster.

Our personal trainers are:

  • Qualified professionals
  • Experts in motivation
  • Trained to a high level
  • Approachable, knowledgeable and supportive