Our aim is for you and your patients to have the best possible experience in a safe and caring environment. As a not-for-profit organisation, we are unique as a private healthcare provider. We re-invest all financial surplus back into our facilities and the people who work with us, for the benefit of our patients.

We combine our hospitals, medical centres, diagnostic units and gyms, in order to deliver complete health and wellbeing to our patients and members.

In 2016, ‘One’ Nuffield Health was announced. This joined up strategy places our members, patients and customers at the very centre of everything we do. It’s about how we can work as a single, connected, seamless entity and about helping our customers and patients achieve that wonderful feeling of being in good health. This means one organisation, supporting patients and customers across their whole health and wellbeing journey. Importantly, we are one team with one goal.

We are constantly reviewing the way we work with you and have created this section of our website to help you work efficiently and effectively with Nuffield Health.