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Nuffield Health York Hospital offers a private fertility consultation clinic, where you can discuss all available options for fertility services in Yorkshire with leading Gynaecologist and Advanced fertility Consultant, Mrs Catherine Hayden.

Mrs Hayden, is a renowned consultant working within the Leeds Fertility Clinic and further referrals for treatment and diagnosis will be referred into this service. Leeds Fertility also provides specialist counselling to support people struggling to conceive and to provide insight into the special implications of certain types of fertility treatment. Leeds Fertility is licensed by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority to provide fertility services and is also accredited to ISO 9001 International Quality Standard.

The Leeds Fertility Clinic offers one of the largest and most comprehensive fertility services in the UK and delivers success rates above the national average.

Getting started

In order to book an initial meeting with Catherine Hayden, contact us directly through the Nuffield Health Booking team on 01904 233225 or call Mrs Hayden’s private secretary on 0113 206 3118. Mrs Hayden has clinics at Nuffield Health York Hospital every other Tuesday of each month.

Your first fertility appointment

Mrs Hayden will meet with you and discuss relevant aspects of your medical history and lifestyle. She may recommend some basic fertility tests through the Nuffield Hospital, Leeds Fertility clinic or your own GP, for which there may be extra charges to consider. Mrs Hayden and the Nuffield team will be able to discuss these tests and any charges with you during your appointment. It is worth noting that most private medical insurers do not cover fertility consultation. You are advised to check with your insurer before you book an appointment.

Basic Fertility tests may include:

For men:

  • Sperm analysis (samples must be produced on the site where they are analysed, in a private room, into a small sterile pot)
  • Sexual health screening (urine test for chlamydia and gonorrhoea testing)

For women:

  • Blood tests (day 1-3 of a cycle, whilst bleeding, to check for certain types of hormones)
  • Vaginal examination tests (sexual health screening vaginal swab)
  • Cervical screening smear
  • Pelvic ultrasound baseline scan (this is performed to make sure there are no interfering factors, and the scan will also assess ovarian (egg) reserve by looking for egg sacs (follicles) that are getting ready to develop mature eggs in the coming months)

For further information on basic fertility testing visit the Leeds Fertility Clinic website.

Next steps

Your results will be shared with you in your second consultation with Mrs Hayden.

At this stage she will analyse all of your results, your medical history and lifestyle and make a recommendation on the best way forward based on the information to hand.


Leeds Fertility Clinic , offers a wide range of treatments that might be offered to you following your consultation and fertility testing.

These services include: